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Current issue:

June 2021: Plots & Parties

In this issue, you’ll find writing advise on how to better plot as well as fun pieces of fiction on parties.
Feature: Boom! (Melissa Yuan-Innes)    Writing Advice
Camp Coyote (A.P. Miller)    Fiction
Rescue a Runaway Plot (Crystal L. Kirkham)    Writing Advice
What you should plot before writing the first word  (Renée Gendron)    Writing Advice
Confessions of Plot Envy (A.P. Miller)    Fiction
Plots (Louise Sorensen) Writing Advice 
Silent Supper (Aedyn Brooks) Fiction 
The Long Wait (Renée Gendron) Fiction
Mrs. Marigold’s House (Melissa Yuan-Innes) Fiction 
Backstory Management (Aedyn Brooks) Writing Advice