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November 2020: Change

Some say the only constant in the universe is that nothing is constant. Everything changes. (read more)

Works include:

Feature: Change & Growth (A.P. Miller)    Essay
Contest Winner: Beloved (M.B. Davis)    Fiction
Growing Word by Word (Crystal L. Kirkham)    Essay
Risk is Necessary for Growth (Renée Gendron)    Essay
A Great and Sudden Change (Melissa “Yi” Yuan-Innes)    Essay
Curing Perfectionitis by Publishing (Aedyn Brooks)    Essay
Change and Growth for Writers (Louise Sorensen)    Essay
So Here I Am (Norm Boyington)    Essay
Recent Videos from AMBR Contributors (November 2020)
Team Showcase from AMBR Contributors (November 2020)
Flash Fiction Contest from AMBR Contributors (Contest Announcement)

Current Video:

Author Interview D.W. Hitz

Renée interviews D.W. Hitz about his writing, his inspiration, and his process. (more)

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