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September 2020: Action & Combat

Here, we talk about those parts in the written word that get your blood pumping and heart pounding: action and combat. (read more)

Works include:

Feature: An Example of a Combat Scene (Norm Boyington) Writing Advice
The Trouble With Guns (Guest: Brady Longmore) Writing Advice
The Maniac (A.P. Miller) Fiction
To Fight, or not to Fight (Louise Sorensen) Writing Advice
The Villains Lair (Aedyn Brooks) Writing Advice
Pace Yourself (Crystal L. Kirkham) Writing Advice
Gory Details (E.G. Deaile) Writing Advice
Writing Action Scenes (Guest: K.M. Butler) Writing Advice
The Captain and the Traitor (Renée Gendron) Fiction
Team Showcase from AMBR Contributors (September 2020)
Flash Fiction Contest from AMBR Contributors (Contest Announcement)