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February 2021: Worldbuilding

It’s the thing that draws you in, makes you feel at home, or chilled to the bone. That lived-in sensation of a story is the product of Worldbuilding. (read more)

Works include:

February 2021

Feature: Dressing the Stage (Guest: B.K. Bass)    Writing Advice
WRETCHED (Truncated excerpt) by Cara Crescent (Aedyn Brooks)    Fiction
Not Quite the Real World (E.G. Deaile)    Writing Advice
If You Build It, They Will ______ (Melissa Yuan-Innes)    Essay
The Big, Wide World of the North-Eastern Micro Town (A.P. Miller)    Essay
How World Building Can Deepen Point of View (Renée Gendron)    Writing Advice
Recent Videos from AMBR Contributors (February 2021)
Team Showcase from AMBR Contributors (February 2021)
Flash Fiction Contest from AMBR Contributors (Contest Announcement)