Recent issues:

November 2020

Feature: Change & Growth (A.P. Miller)    Essay
Contest Winner: Beloved (M.B. Davis)    Fiction
Growing Word by Word (Crystal L. Kirkham)    Essay
Risk is Necessary for Growth (Renée Gendron)    Essay
A Great and Sudden Change (Melissa “Yi” Yuan-Innes)    Essay
Curing Perfectionitis by Publishing (Aedyn Brooks)    Essay
Change and Growth for Writers (Louise Sorensen)    Essay
So Here I Am (Norm Boyington)    Essay
Recent Videos from AMBR Contributors (November 2020)
Team Showcase from AMBR Contributors (November 2020)
Flash Fiction Contest from AMBR Contributors (Contest Announcement)

October 2020

Feature: Portals (Aedyn Brooks)    Essay
Contest Winner: Live to Work, Work to Live (Chris Ritchey)    Fiction
The Meaning of Forever (Crystal L. Kirkham)    Fiction
Not Without Our Names (A.P. Miller)    Fiction
Supernatural (Louise Sorensen)    Essay
The Spirit’s Staircase (Norm Boyington)    Fiction
A Walk in the Garden (Renée Gendron)    Fiction
A Lesson (D.W. Hitz)    Fiction
Team Showcase from AMBR Contributors (October 2020)
Flash Fiction Contest from AMBR Contributors (Contest Announcement)

September 2020

Feature: An Example of a Combat Scene (Norm Boyington) Writing Advice
The Trouble With Guns (Guest: Brady Longmore) Writing Advice
The Maniac (A.P. Miller) Fiction
To Fight, or not to Fight (Louise Sorensen) Writing Advice
The Villains Lair (Aedyn Brooks) Writing Advice
Pace Yourself (Crystal L. Kirkham) Writing Advice
Gory Details (E.G. Deaile) Writing Advice
Writing Action Scenes (Guest: K.M. Butler) Writing Advice
The Captain and the Traitor (Renée Gendron) Fiction
Team Showcase from AMBR Contributors (September 2020)
Flash Fiction Contest from AMBR Contributors (Contest Announcement)

August 2020

Feature: Technology and I (Renée Gendron)   Essay
Food (Crystal L. Kirkham)   Essay
A Room For The Night (D.W. Hitz)   Fictionalized Experience
The Finale (A.P. Miller)   Essay
What Writing Means to Me (Louise Sorensen)   Essay
Inspiration (Norm Boyington)   Essay
Haunted (Aedyn Brooks)   Essay
Team Showcase from AMBR Contributors (Augsut 2020)

July 2020

Feature:  Chasing a Dream (Alexandra Gardner) Poem
In the Night (D.W. Hitz)   Poem
Spiral (Renée Gendron)   Poem
Super(nova) (Guest: A.P. Miller)   Poem
The Renaissance of Poetry (Guests: Jasmine Arch & Koji A. Dae)   Conversation
Fun Haiku (Guest: Louise Sorenson)   Poem
The Pusher (Guest: Norman Boyington)   Poem
illgotten (E.G. Deaile)   Poem

June 2020

Feature:  Dear America (Guest Charter Member: Melanie Reeds)   Essay
An Apple (D.W. Hitz)   Flash Fiction
Date Night & Fake Out (Crystal L. Kirkham)   Flash Fiction
The Set-Up (Renée Gendron)   Flash Fiction
On Flash Fiction (Guest: KJ Cartmell)   Essay
Three Little Pinwheels & A Date with Grace (Guest: Jodi Jensen)   Flash Fiction
The Time Before (Guest: Dan Fitzgerald)   Flash Fiction
Below the Bombs (E.G. Deaile)   Flash Fiction

May 2020

Feature: One Man's Grit is Another's Inspiration (Guest: J.P. Walters)   Essay
Flight of Fancy (E.G. Deaile)   Fiction
Inspiration: A Musing (Guest: A.P. Miller)   Essay
Inspiration is Dedication in Disguise (Guest: Aedyn Brooks)   Writing Advice
From Idea to Inspiration to Magic (Crystal L. Kirkham)   Essay
Let It Rain (Renée Gendron)   Fiction
The Fairy Hunter (D.W. Hitz)   Fiction

April 2020

Feature: Han of the Dead    (D.W. Hitz)    Fiction
Gone Goblin    (Jessa Kaina)    Poetry
Every Tale I’m Drabbling    (Crystal Kirkham)    Drabbles
Fairytales as Writing Prompts   (Renée Gendron)  Writing Advice
Dirt Boy    (Alexandra Gardner)    Short Story

March 2020

Feature: The One True Path   (E.G. Deaile) Survey Results
My Author   (Jessa Kaina) Literary Introspection
Why You Shouldn’t Ask Me (Packy Smith) Essay
A Bit of Madness (Alexandra Gardner) Alex’s Process
What you Know (D.W. Hitz) Fiction
Finding Your Writing Process (Crystal Kirkham) Writing Advice
A Short History of the Writing Process (Paul Grealish) Satire
Taking a Longer View   (Renée Gendron)  Writing Advice

February 2020

Feature: B.A.D. Guide to Romance    (Paul Grealish)    Satire
THE BENCH Part 2    (Jess K Hardy)    Fiction
Timea and Makar Part 1   (Renée Gendron)  Fiction
Remember the Day    (Packy Smith)    Poetry
Not Your Mama’s Romance    (Crystal Kirkham)    Opinion
Dinner For Two    (Alexandra Gardner)    Novel Excerpt
COLD HUNGER    (D.W. Hitz)    Fiction

A Muse Bouche Review: Holiday 2019

Resources for Horror Writers   (Kelly Kristensen)    Writing Advice
When to Keep to Rules of a Genre and When to Break Them   (Renée Gendron)  Writing Advice
THEY COME   (Guest: J. P. Walters)    Fiction
On Genre    (Paul Grealish)    Satire
THE BENCH    (Jess K Hardy)    Fiction
THE TALE OF FALCON AND SNAKE    (Alexandra Gardner)    Fiction
Writing Outside the Lines    (Crystal Kirkham)    Writing Advice
THE DREAM    (D.W. Hitz)    Fiction

December 2019 

Feature: Writing is a Contract with Your Reader   (Renée Gendron)   Writing Advice
The Critic & the Author   (Guest: Jessa Kaina)   Fiction
So It Goes   (D. W. Hitz)    Fiction
A Guide to Reading My Work   (Paul Grealish)   Satire
Can We Talk About: Romance Tropes   (Jess K Hardy)   Writing Advice
Reading With Your Ears   (Packy Smith)   Writing Advice
Libraries and Digital Materials   (Alexandra Gardner)   Public Library Guidance
The Necessary Art of Leaving Reviews   (Crystal Kirkham)   Reader Advice
A Jar of Mushrooms   (E.G. Deaile)   Fiction

November 2019 

Feature: Launching Feathers & Fae    (Crystal Kirkham)    Experience
B.A.D. Writing Correspondence    (Paul Grealish)    Satire
Can We Talk About: Success    (Jess K Hardy)    Essay
NaNoWriMo 101    (Kelly Kristensen)    Advice
One Last Break    (D.W. Hitz)    Fiction
Adding Tension    (Renée Gendron)    Writing Advice
Inside Politics: Dictators    (Melanie Reed)    Writing Advice
I Write There For I Am    (Packy Smith)    Essay
Self-Publishing & The Library    (Alexandra Gardner)    Publishing Advice
#Replicated    (E.G. Deaile)    Essay