Recent issues:

March 2020

Feature: The One True Path   (E.G. Deaile) Survey Results
My Author   (Jessa Kaina) Literary Introspection
Why You Shouldn’t Ask Me   (Packy Smith) Essay
A Bit of Madness   (Alexandra Gardner) Alex’s Process
What you Know   (D.W. Hitz) Fiction
Finding Your Writing Process   (Crystal Kirkham) Writing Advice
A Short History of the Writing Process   (Paul Grealish) Satire
Taking a Longer View   (Renée Gendron)  Writing Advice

February 2020

Feature: B.A.D. Guide to Romance    (Paul Grealish)    Satire
THE BENCH Part 2    (Jess K Hardy)    Fiction
Timea and Makar Part 1   (Renée Gendron)  Fiction
Remember the Day    (Packy Smith)    Poetry
Not Your Mama’s Romance    (Crystal Kirkham)    Opinion
Dinner For Two    (Alexandra Gardner)    Novel Excerpt
COLD HUNGER    (D.W. Hitz)    Fiction

A Muse Bouche Review: Holiday 2019

Resources for Horror Writers   (Kelly Kristensen)    Writing Advice
When to Keep to Rules of a Genre and When to Break Them   (Renée Gendron)  Writing Advice
THEY COME   (Guest: J. P. Walters)    Fiction
On Genre    (Paul Grealish)    Satire
THE BENCH    (Jess K Hardy)    Fiction
THE TALE OF FALCON AND SNAKE    (Alexandra Gardner)    Fiction
Writing Outside the Lines    (Crystal Kirkham)    Writing Advice
THE DREAM    (D.W. Hitz)    Fiction

December 2019 

Feature: Writing is a Contract with Your Reader   (Renée Gendron)   Writing Advice
The Critic & the Author   (Guest: Jessa Kaina)   Fiction
So It Goes   (D. W. Hitz)    Fiction
A Guide to Reading My Work   (Paul Grealish)   Satire
Can We Talk About: Romance Tropes   (Jess K Hardy)   Writing Advice
Reading With Your Ears   (Packy Smith)   Writing Advice
Libraries and Digital Materials   (Alexandra Gardner)   Public Library Guidance
The Necessary Art of Leaving Reviews   (Crystal Kirkham)   Reader Advice
A Jar of Mushrooms   (E.G. Deaile)   Fiction

November 2019 

Feature: Launching Feathers & Fae    (Crystal Kirkham)    Experience
B.A.D. Writing Correspondence    (Paul Grealish)    Satire
Can We Talk About: Success    (Jess K Hardy)    Essay
NaNoWriMo 101    (Kelly Kristensen)    Advice
One Last Break    (D.W. Hitz)    Fiction
Adding Tension    (Renée Gendron)    Writing Advice
Inside Politics: Dictators    (Melanie Reed)    Writing Advice
I Write There For I Am    (Packy Smith)    Essay
Self-Publishing & The Library    (Alexandra Gardner)    Publishing Advice
#Replicated    (E.G. Deaile)    Essay