The 2500 Word Review

A Muse Bouche Review would like to offer you feedback concerning your draft. This is a free, no strings attached donation of our time to writers at all stages of their careers.

Once a month, submissions to The 2500 Word Review will be evaluated by members of the A Muse Bouche team. The contribution with the most potential for publication will be critiqued and offered in-depth feedback for the writer to use at their discretion.

Contribution Guidelines:

  • 2500 word maximum
  • Short stories are welcome
  • Please only submit in English
  • Non-fiction is welcome*
  • Your submission should be free of major grammatical errors
  • No gore or erotica or rape

If you wish to take this opportunity, please fill in the form below.

Last of all, good luck from all of us @MuseReview

*We will not be held accountable for misrepresentation of any kind concerning non-fiction submissions.